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Dianbolic 25™

Dianbolic 25™

Dianbolic 25™ is known as the ‘King of Orals’ throughout the bodybuilding and anabolic-using world. Dianbolic 25™ is the most potent mass building compound on offer.

Our fast-acting Dianbolic 25 oral formula has been designed for those wanting gains in muscle mass and strength primarily and not the leaner or drier look.

A potent and powerful mass building agent, Dianbolic 25 is not known to cause severe bloating and water retention, although rapid gains in muscle are common with significant increases in strength and enhanced muscle pumps.

The perfect muscle builder for strength and mass gains. If size and strength were your goals, Dianbolic 25™ is what you’re looking for.

Anabolic Effects of Dianbolic 25™

  • Rapid increase in muscle mass and strength
  • Elevate protein synthesis and nitrogen retention
  • Improve recovery and endurance
  • Fast-acting 25mg oral tablets
  • Shipped discreetly in a heat sealed pouch

**For maximum gains, stack Dianbolic 25™ with the testosterone analogue - Susta-T 250™, potent muscle builder - NanDeca 300™ and powerful Trenex100™ in our MASS STACK.