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Trenex 100™

Trenex 100™

Trenex 100™ is one of the most powerful and popular orals we’ve ever produced.

So potent Trenex 100™ can Increase Growth Factors IGF-1 and Generate Solid Muscle in a short time frame. Increasing Vascularity and get the lean look with Trenex 100™.

Trenex 100™ is a primary bulking agent without the added water retention and/or bloating. With an unrivalled versatility to be used as a cutting compound, Trenex 100™ is ideal before the summer to burn fat or during offseason Mass Gaining phases.

Obtain Explosive Power in Strength and razor Sharp Definition with our quick-acting oral alternative to painful injections.

Anabolic Effects of Trenex 100™

  • Increase Muscle Tissue Accrual
  • Promote Protein Turnover, Nutrient Partitioning and Absorption
  • Bun Fat and Increase Metabolic Rate
  • Produce Dense, Hard Muscle and Vascularity
  • Fast-Acting 100mg Tablets, Shipped Discretely

**For optimal gains, use Trenex 100™ as part of a stack or cycle. Trenex 100™ can also be run in synergy with Susta- T 250™ and NanDeca 300™ for maximum muscle growth.